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Extinct! May 14, 2008

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I’m in search of a species named Homo sapiens with a rare subspecies called Homo sapiens gentilis. In layman term, I am looking for a gentleman. Anyone has any information on this precious subspecies? Have they gone extinct? Or are they should be classified as endangered species? What is your say?

*gentilis – Latin word from which the word gentleman was derived from.

Sufiah – the prodigy April 8, 2008

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From wiki:

Sufiah Yusof aka Shilpa Lee (born 1985) is a prostitute and former math prodigy from Britain. She first made headlines in 1997 when she gained entry into St. Hilda’s College, Oxford University to read mathematics at the age of 13.

Despite being a British national, the Malaysian government had generously stepped in to meet her educational expenses, although it was known that her Pakistani-born father had incurred criminal convictions for mortgage-related frauds. She was lionized as a model Islamic prodigy by the Malaysian public due to her mother’s national origins.

The administration of former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had viewed Sufiah as the perfect eugenics ideal, in contrast to the Malay Dilemma of genetic shortcomings.

In 2001, she ran away from her student flat in Oxford, after taking her final examination paper for the academic year.She was found working as a waitress in a Bournemouth Internet cafe two weeks later, but refused to return home, alleging that her parents made life difficult for her at home. She stayed with a foster family instead.

Two years later, she returned to Oxford to complete her undergraduate master, but failed to finish the year. She later married a trainee lawyer from Oxford. She was working at the time as an administrative assistant for a construction company. Her marriage ended after 13 months.

In March 2008, a reporter working undercover for the News of the World found her advertising as a prostitute quoting a rate of £130 an hour.One of her friends described her change of fortunes as “desperately heartbreaking”, adding that “her gift [for mathematics] really has been a curse”.

Her father Farooq Yusof was a pioneer in the scientifically unproven tutoring process called hothousing. He had promised “more Sufiahs” along a production-line process utilizing hothousing techniques. He pleaded guilty in April 2008 over charges of “indecently assaulting two 15-year-old girls while working as a personal tutor.”

That’s now a history. Sufiah Yusoff @ Shilpa Lee has made her choice.

Photo credit: New World

Sufiah decided to CONFESS ALL after we revealed how the former child prodigy was working as a £130-an-hour prostitute while studying for a masters in economics.
“People think escorting is sleazy and terrible but I don’t see it like that,” she says. “I’ve always had a high sex drive—and now I’m getting all the sex I want—and guys are much better in bed with an escort than a girlfriend.

“I have men who are thrilled about my passion for mathematics. In fact one made me recite equations while he pleasured me, then I gave him oral sex while he chatted about algebra. It drove him wild.”

And brainbox Sufiah has worked out that subtracting your respectability to become a prostitute can equal big money.

But this news from wiki really cracked me up:

The Malaysian government is now planning an ambitious “Save Sufiah Programme” to rehabilitate Sufiah and “return her to the right path.”

Malay Community Association of United Kingdom began funds to support ‘Love Suffiah’ Campaign. A delegation from Malaysia headed by Ustaz Trimizi Zainal will depart Malaysia on 19th April to treat Sufiah using Islamic Medical practice, as they believe she is under the influence of black magic.

Grow up people! She would probably gonna spit at your face when you actually confront her. Maybe you should find Sharlinee first before catching a flight to UK to find Sufiah!

You may read more about Sufiah’s confession here, with her video and photos.

a girl needs… March 31, 2008

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A pair of ears that listens.

A pair of eyes that cries.

A pair of lips that kisses.

A pair of arms that hugs.

A pair of hands that holds.


A warm heart that loves.



Just a thought…

shopping therapy March 16, 2008

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I love shopping. and anyone close to me knows how much I love it. they say shopping is the (one of the) best therapy, I couldn’t agree more. shopping is a mini-vacation…where you forget about your problems in the office; forget about pending assignments; forget about ur bf’s grumbles for that 2 hours of priceless time in the shopping mall. nah…. shopping is not about buying. its about letting go of burden in your heart.

Some may not agree, but I hate shopping during sales. I hate sales. sales is basically a marketing gimmick. there is no such thing as giving discounts as for the benefits of the consumers. if someone can slash the price for 50% or 70%, just think about the real cost of that product. *sigghh.. but then, we still find womenfolk clogging the malls during mega sales. oh yea.. did I tell you Malaysia has 3 mega sales???

I love to push the trolley with ease without need to worry about banging on kids who are running around screaming like there is no tomorrow. I love to stock up blouses and skirts, and yet manage to walk around the mall without the fear of tripping on someone. I love to carefully select my lingerie without getting caught by naughty eyes of some men. I love to go all the way to the 3rd floor to select the heels, but only to come down to the ground floor again to purchase the first pair I laid my eyes on. So what if I take 2 hours to buy a blouse – shopping is a luxury after all.

When I say shopping is a therapy..it only means I should find satisfaction at the end of my ‘therapy session’. not higher blood pressure as the result of squeezing myself between seas of people in the boutiques. not nagging foot ache as the result of queuing up for 1/2 hour at the cashier counter. not headache at the result of breathing in various types of smell (yuckss).. what I want is pure satisfaction. that is why I finished my Diwali shopping one month ahead of the festival. cramming between people in Little India will be the last in my want-to-do list.

So, mommy.. I am NOT coming with you for grocery shopping in weekends anymore!

What Lovely Lass is About? March 13, 2008

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This is going to be a compilation of posts, photos, wallpapers, poems, news and issues around the world with regards to women.





That is the mantra of the Lovely Lass.

Hello world! March 13, 2008

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