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shopping therapy March 16, 2008

Posted by 0ladylove0 in Shopping.

I love shopping. and anyone close to me knows how much I love it. they say shopping is the (one of the) best therapy, I couldn’t agree more. shopping is a mini-vacation…where you forget about your problems in the office; forget about pending assignments; forget about ur bf’s grumbles for that 2 hours of priceless time in the shopping mall. nah…. shopping is not about buying. its about letting go of burden in your heart.

Some may not agree, but I hate shopping during sales. I hate sales. sales is basically a marketing gimmick. there is no such thing as giving discounts as for the benefits of the consumers. if someone can slash the price for 50% or 70%, just think about the real cost of that product. *sigghh.. but then, we still find womenfolk clogging the malls during mega sales. oh yea.. did I tell you Malaysia has 3 mega sales???

I love to push the trolley with ease without need to worry about banging on kids who are running around screaming like there is no tomorrow. I love to stock up blouses and skirts, and yet manage to walk around the mall without the fear of tripping on someone. I love to carefully select my lingerie without getting caught by naughty eyes of some men. I love to go all the way to the 3rd floor to select the heels, but only to come down to the ground floor again to purchase the first pair I laid my eyes on. So what if I take 2 hours to buy a blouse – shopping is a luxury after all.

When I say shopping is a therapy..it only means I should find satisfaction at the end of my ‘therapy session’. not higher blood pressure as the result of squeezing myself between seas of people in the boutiques. not nagging foot ache as the result of queuing up for 1/2 hour at the cashier counter. not headache at the result of breathing in various types of smell (yuckss).. what I want is pure satisfaction. that is why I finished my Diwali shopping one month ahead of the festival. cramming between people in Little India will be the last in my want-to-do list.

So, mommy.. I am NOT coming with you for grocery shopping in weekends anymore!



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